You know you’re a nerd when you are trying to masturbate but can’t stop thinking about the movement of ions across a cell membrane and voltage gated channels and the effects of digitalis on sodium potassium atpase

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For the non-medical types who follow, this type of image is taken using x-rays or in the case of MR angiography, big ass magnets.  The black that you see is a contrast dye, that lets you view the flow of blood through the vessels of the structure you are imaging.  A catheter wire is inserted peripherally (away from the center of the body) into an artery and advanced to the sight of dye injection.  The artery is usually in the forearm or groin(femoral artery).

The obvious advantage to non-contrasted imaging is the detailed view of the vessels, and the ability to diagnose clots, stenoses (edit-stenosis=narrowing), damage, plaque occlusions, etc.

If your grandma has a heart attack or stroke and the docs/nurses take her to the “cath. lab” this is the type of image they will be looking at.

Plus, look at it.  It’s freaking beautiful!